Mediacor Workshops/Ateliere Mediacor is a program for education and alternative learning. Here, we aim to provide formal as well as non-formal training for all creatives levels: from beginners to industry seniors and experts.   

What we do

We organize a wide range of activities, including open lessons, masterclasses, workshops, seminars, inspirational dialogues, industry meetups and courses. These engaging events provide young professionals with a deeper understanding of future career paths and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills in their chosen fields. Whether they are looking to explore new areas or enhance existing expertise, our programs offer opportunities for growth and development. 



Film Production & Post-production is one of our milestones at Mediacor. We are lucky to have, as residents, professionals from the film industry, as well as beginners in production & post-production and color grading experts. Wishing to extend our community and be the bridge that brings creative people together, we focus on creating our own video products on relevant social and industry topics. This helps the students and beginners put into practice the things they are studying at the university - on the one hand. On the other hand, this is our chance to position Mediacor as an example of professional video quality standards and a hub where every person passionate about film could come and create.

To support the film production & post-production industry, two filming pavilions were created at Mediacor, as well as video, sound, production and foley studios. Thus, we are hosting photo and video shootings of relevant podcasts and shows.

Video Production projects at Mediacord:


Join Mediacor Incubator - the dynamic and immersive platform dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the multimedia and gaming sectors. Our goal is to provide an engaging environment where individuals and teams can turn their ideas into reality. We offer resources, mentorship, and collaborative spaces to empower emerging talent. The main focus is on driving growth and success in creative industries, fostering a thriving ecosystem of creative innovation.

The Mediacor Incubator connects academia with the digital technology landscape, promoting collaboration and empowerment. We provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to foster personal and professional growth. Our state-of-the-art facilities and diverse programming, including workshops and mentoring sessions, support creativity and innovation in areas like game development, digital art, animation, and VR/AR. We encourage teams to think outside the box and become future leaders in the digital age.

Mediacor Incubator #1 edition:


When it comes to video shooting, nothing can be left to chance. Lucky for you, our team is made up with skilled and devoted videographers for whom the technicalities of the video production process holds no secrets.



We are puzzle experts when it comes to putting the parts of a video together. We make sure to adapt and adjust every aspect of a production to match our high quality standards and dazzle your ears and eyes.



Broadcasting a production means more than sharing a simple video. We give your project the spotlight it deserves by adapting it to the proper platform requirements.  But there’s more to that: We also make sure to keep an eye on the feedback your project gets and ensure we adjust it along the way, even if it means to start the process all over again.